Don’t you think everyone deserves the same?

If you are working with clients or are in contact with individuals that have foreign currency exposure why not recommended them to use Worldwide Currencies? They too could take advantage of our unrivalled services while you reap the benefits of a business relationship with us.

Why Recommend?

Becoming a partner means you can recommend our services safe in the knowledge that any new client will be dealt with by a dedicated FX Consultant and receive the best possible service this industry has to offer.

Benefits for your business

We provide a utilities belt for your business to start taking advantage of our partners system right away.

Receive financial rewards for referring active clients to Worldwide Currencies
Improve the value proposition of your business by adding genuine value to your core services
Use our on-line system to track all recommended clients and what it means for you.
Banner ads, tracking links, holding pages. There is a plethora of marketing material available to all partners to make benefiting from our service as easy as possible.

Benefits for your clients or associates

Not just you, but all your clients and associates get advantages from our partner program.

Best rates
The most competitive rates in the foreign exchange market
Fast, efficient, friendly and professional service makes transferring funds a simple and pleasurable process.
Our FX Consultants are dedicated to providing the best possible value for our clients and making the process as straight forward as possible. They will watch the market and stay one step ahead on the clients’ behalf.
Clients can speak directly to their dedicated FX Consultant from the comfort of their home or office to help them towards making the most advantageous decisions with in relation to their individual needs and circumstances.

Partner Tools

Our partners count with a set of tools offered to improve their business, like currency converters, banners and Tradestream.

Apply to become a Partner Today

Becoming a partner at Worldwide Currencies is simple.

Contact us via phone or email stating that you would like to become a partner of Worldwide Currencies.

Upon receipt of your interest, a member of our team will assess your application. Once approval is granted you will be set up on our partner system and gain access to the marketing tools outlined above. You can then begin forwarding your clients to Worldwide Currencies and we’ll be tracking their performance.