Specialists in secure international payments and overseas money transfers for our corporate clients.

We provide individually tailored business solutions to maximise your global foreign exchange payments and minimise risk.

Our expertise allows your money to be where it needs to be quickly, securely and at the optimum exchange rate. Stay in control of your business spending with a Worldwide Currencies foreign exchange account and access exceptionally competitive exchange rates.

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Exchange rates and market fluctuations can have a big impact on your business. Your individual global specialist will work with you to understand your business needs. We will analyse your currency requirements, guiding and supporting you, and explaining every step so that you can make a fully informed decision. From standard currency transactions to individually tailored products and services, we will secure the most cost-effective international money solutions.

Spot Transfers

Get a rate quickly, efficiently and hassle free.

Spot transfers are a simple, quick and common currency exchange. They work on a ‘buy now, pay now’ system whereby the exchange rate paid is the current market exchange rate. They are designed for immediate currency transfers once cleared funds have been received from the client.

Spot transfers are used by corporate clients to pay charges incurred in another currency, for example, to pay for goods or services obtained abroad. We offer same day delivery for major currencies.

  • Easy to operate and manage
  • Take advantage of both strong rates and short rate spikes
  • No deposit required

Forward Transfers

Take advantage of current favourable exchange rates.

Forward transfers allow us to secure current beneficial rates, up to a year in advance, to protect your future currency commitments.

Exchange markets are notoriously volatile and a forward contract allows us to agree upon a favourable rate in advance. A deposit payment is required at the point of fixing the price and the balance of the payment will then occur on a specified date in the future. Once booked, the rate will never change.

Forward transfers are ideal for planning budgets and securing margins. For example, import and export clients can fix their exchange rate when purchasing goods in the future to stabilise their re-sell prices.

  • Lock in favourable rates
  • No negative effect due to market volatility
  • Control over outgoings and profit margins

Market Watch

Our specialist corporate consultants will monitor the global market with your specific needs in mind.

You will have an individual global specialist looking after your business’ currency needs. If they observe conditions in the market that will be advantageous for you, they will be proactive and make you aware of these conditions. We will guide you to help you profit from any beneficial market change.

  • Never miss out on positive market fluctuations
  • Dedicated specialist for your specific business needs

Stop/Limit Order

Mitigate business risk against adverse currency fluctuations.

A stop/limit order allows you to issue an instruction to us to automatically buy or sell currency at a specific exchange rate (stop order), or set the minimum or maximum price at which you would like to buy or sell (limit order). We can then wait until the rate reaches its best level before we buy currency on your behalf.

Your specialist trader will know when to set a stop or limit order to help you maximise profit and reduce risk.

  • Complete the trade at the best rate available should the market move against you
  • Limit losses and protect profits
  • Protection against currency rates falling

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Opening a foreign exchange account with Worldwide Currencies is simple and will only take a few minutes.

Registration is free and carries no obligation to trade, but it does allow you to call for a live rate of exchange.

Worldwide Currencies operates a fast track service for registration of UK businesses. We utilise electronic checks in place of certified ID for the company, directors, shareholders and partners.

As part of the process, we have to carry out an identity check of each company representative in order to comply with UK anti money laundering regulations (this is NOT a credit check).

In some cases, we may ask for further documentation to aid identification, such a UK passport or driving licence number. You may want to have this to hand to speed up the registration process.

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