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We understand the need of individuals transferring funds around the world, offering individually tailored products and services.

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Our consultants will work with you, discussing your currency requirements, explaining every step so that you can make a fully informed decision. In addition to the standard currency transactions which can benefit you, our consultants also offer individually tailored products and services.

Spot Transfers

Get the best rates, quickly, efficiently and hassle free.

This is the most common type of currency exchange trade used by corporate clients to pay charges incurred in another currency, for example, to pay for goods or services obtained abroad.

It is designed for immediate currency transfers once cleared funds have been received from the client. We offer same day delivery for major currencies.

Forward Transfers

Secure favourable forward rates, up to a year in advance, to protect your currency commitments in the future.

A Forward Contract is a trade for which a favourable rate is agreed upon in advance though payment will occur on a specified date in the future.

Once booked, the rate will never change. Used for example, by import & export clients who need to fix their exchange rate when purchasing goods in the future so that their re-sell prices can be stabilised.

A forward contract can only be fixed for a year in advance and requires deposit of up to 10% with the balance payable upon maturity.

Market Watch

Our corporate consultants will monitor the market with your needs in mind.

If they observe conditions in the market that are beneficial for your currency needs, they will be proactive and get in touch with you to make you aware of these conditions and enable you to benefit from them.

Stop/Limit Order

Protect yourself against adverse currency fluctuations.

Allows the client to issue an instruction to automatically buy or sell currency at a specific exchange rate. This means that we can wait until the rate reaches its best level before we buy currency for you.

This trade can also be used to protect you as we can complete the trade at the best rate available should the market move against you.

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Opening a foreign exchange account is simple and should take no more than a few minutes of your time.

Registration is free and carries no obligation to trade, but it does allow you to call for a live rate of exchange.

Worldwide Currencies operates a fast track service for registration of UK businesses utilising electronic checks in place of certified ID for the company, directors, shareholders and partners.

As part of the process, we have to carry out an identity check of each company representative in order to comply with UK anti money laundering regulations (this is NOT a credit check).

In some cases, to aid identification, we may ask for further documentation i.e. a UK passport or driving licence number. You may want have this to hand to speed up the registration process.

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